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Behavioural Analysis - Ridgeline

Behavioural Analysis

Training Programme


FACT: We can get the best out of personal relationships by treating others the way they want to be treated. This programme is a must for all teams, managers at every level of the organisation and, especially, sales personnel.

Emotional Intelligence is consistently rated as the most important business skill across all levels of management.

We’ll equip each delegate with the fundamental skills to build effective, lasting relationships and also provide them with an easy-to-use method for creating a better understanding of themselves and the behaviour of others. Delegates will learn how to evaluate others’ behaviour in a scientific, yet practical way allowing them to better understand what each person requires from interactions with others.

Delegates are taught how to identify different personalities based on certain behavioural criteria and how to modify approaches in order to manage relationships effectively. We explore back-up styles, managing conflict and how to identify the different behavioural styles based on facial expressions and body language.


After this interactive programme, delegates will have mastered the following skills to enable them to manage relationships with employees, colleagues and clients optimally:

  • Develop the attitude and motivation to go the extra mile
  • Gain a better self-understanding
  • Understand the difference in people and how to communicate effectively with them in order to minimize conflict
  • Build self confidence and re-focus on opportunities
  • Improve the overall commitment of all people and to accept the concept of quality, productivity, responsibility and accountability
  • Get to grips with the power of the mind, how beliefs are formed and how we manage thought processes.
  • Understand that sound relationships are built around treating people the way they want to be treated.
  • How to use inter-personal relationships with internal and external customers to our best advantage.