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Purpose Driven Strategy

The goal of your business is not to do business with everybody, but rather with people who believe what you believe. It’s about leveraging what you already have and finding out what you need to change in order to meet the future demands of your clients and your industry.

  • First we form a picture of the Business, and the market in which it competes by asking Where are we now?
  • Next we determine the desired business / marketing / communications objectives for the brand / company by asking What is it we want to achieve?
  • We need to now ascribe relevant and realistic time-frames to the objectives we have set for ourselves, so we ask When do we want to achieve it?
  • Next we determine From whom are we going to get the business. This is where we identify all the target markets, target competitors, and any other groups (both internal and external to the company) who would help or hinder us from achieving our objectives.
  • Each of the target groups we identify above have certain current attitudes towards us, our business, our products and our people. They also have a particular disposition to the marketplace. We now need to define these by asking What are their existing attitudes?
  • Having been able to put our finger on their current attitudes, we need ask ourselves a question that will affect all future decisions. We must ask What must we get these people to think and feel in order for us to achieve our objectives?
  • Finally, having decided what it is we want everyone to think and feel and do, we answer the final question in the 7 Step Process : How are we going to achieve this?

Depending on the scope and size of the team, this process is facilitated over one or two days, either on-site or during off-site Management Breakaways.